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Buying Guide: Selecting the Best Door for Your Garage

Buying a carport door is probably not the most interesting home project to do. However, a good quality door is essential as it secures your car and other valuables stored in your garage. Here is a rundown of the necessary factors to consider when shopping for garage doors.

Consider your area and its weather conditions.

One of the main things to consider in selecting a garage door for your home is to consider your area’s climate situations. Environmental factors are one of the biggest contributors to garage door damage.

If you live in an area where windstorm is common, you’d want to purchase a door that’s engineered to resist tough wind blows or even hurricanes. Moreover, if you live in a humid area, such as by the seaside, vinyl or aluminium steel garage doors are recommended.

Choose the right garage door material.

1. Aluminum

Aluminium is rust-proof and low maintenance; hence many homeowners prefer this material in their doors. Moreover, because of their economic advantages, most modern parking space doors are aluminium.

2. Vinyl

Garage doors made of vinyl are suited for homeowners who live in sweltering weather conditions. Vinyl has high resistance to rust and corrosion. Unlike steel, vinyl does not need repainting; making it suitable for busy homeowners who find repainting a hassle.

3. Wood

Wooden doors give homes a classic and elegant feel. However, wooden carport doors are more susceptible to damage compared to vinyl or steel doors; thus, regular upkeep is necessary. But if you don’t mind frequent maintenance, and you want a sophisticated look for your home, a wooden door is a way to go.

Door Styles

1. Carriage style – imitates countryside homes; most barns have old carriage style of doors. If you are into giving your home a more rustic vibe, this style is a great choice.

2. Traditional style – goes with almost any home style because of its plain minimalistic aspect.

3. Raised panel style – is the most common type and style of garage doors. This type of door style is what most people picture when thinking about a garage door.

4.  Contemporary style – has many variations but the most common type is aluminium-framed glass panels. Contemporary styles give a chic, retro-looking ambience to every home, hence why it’s the top choice of modern homeowners.


Insulation value, also known as the R-value is an important factor to consider when shopping for a garage door. A higher R-value means greater insulation capacity and higher energy efficiency. If you use your garage for other purposes such as an office space, music studio or as a study room, choose a garage door with a higher R-value for better soundproofing and heat resistance.


There you have it–those are the important factors to consider when shopping for a carport door. If you are still unsure of what material and style of your garage door, seek help from the experts or visit www.ecogaragedoors.com.au. Eco Garage Doors offer a vast array of domestic and industrial roller doors.