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In a world where many parents are concerned about the welfare of their kids, a lot of people prefer to have their kids play at home either inside the house or in their garden. When they venture outside their home, parents prefer to have their kids play in secured entertainment parks where the safety of their kids is considered. One of the most common things that parents install in their gardens is jumping castles. While it is fairly simple to install jumping castles and maintain, it provides the kids with a great source of entertainment and the kids can play safely even on their own. The popularity of this play items has led to significant growth of jumping castles Sydney has for kids’ playgrounds.

Sydney, being home to people of different cultures and walks of life has its own fair share of security problems. Savvy parents that own a garden, or even parents living in a planned community with a community garden/park can have jumping castles or even inflatable water slides so that their kids have something to play with. Most of the entertainment places that provide kids with games also have jumping castles and inflatable water slides in their compound.

Due to the rising demand for jumping castles and inflatable water slides in Sydney, Jumpland was established to ensure that customers are able to obtain quality products without digging too deep into their pockets. Jumpland has been operating in the jumping castles Sydney market niche for a while and has supplied its products to many Australian families and companies. Being a recognized importer of Happy Hop brand, the company has ensured that it maintains top quality in the industry.

In the past, many families did not believe in buying these items and preferred to hire them for family events and such occasions. This is what caused Jumpland to embark on a targeted campaign to promote buying of these items instead of regular hiring. The company is able to supply their products at very competitive prices without compromising on quality. This is because of the industry linkages that they have formed plus their ability to engage in bulk buying that not only allows them to negotiate better prices but also ensures that they are able to enjoy the economies of scale in transportation and storage. read more