Investing in the Right Type of Pouch Filling Equipment

What should you scrutinise in a pouch filling equipment? Hard-core engineering knowledge isn’t necessary to buy the right type. Although, you might need to read about the two types of pouch machines,

Knowing each type’s notable features, how it functions, or primary capacity can already help. This post will help you differentiate two types of pouch machines and finding reliable sellers.

What should it do?

When shopping for pouch filling equipment in Australia, you might encounter these two types. Make sure to know what they can do, first.

Vacuum pouch filling equipment

Engineered for a fast changeover vacuum packaging, these only require minimal set up for different pouches. They also include a patented zipper-opening device. It can fill, seal, or vacuum pre-fabricated pouches. It can fill liquid, paste, paste or solid, powder, granule, or lumps.

Notable features

  • Vacuum level – Caters to products that need a high-level vacuum.
  • Rotary vacuum carousel – This is a crucial feature for minimizing oxygen, which prolongs shelf life.
  • 20-50 PPM – A vacuum can fill and seal up to 50 pouches. This speed may vary depending on the type of pouch, though.
  • Width and length – It can handle pouches up to 240mm in width and 280mm in length.
  • Chambers and stations – May have 8-12 stations and chambers.

Horizontal pouch filling equipment

If you have a need for high speed, this is your machine. It can deal with different types of items. It can form, fill, or seal pouches, bags, and sachets from reel stock materials. It can handle liquid, paste, granules, or solids.

Notable features

  • Bags and pouches – Can fill in 90 PPM and 30-50 bags per minute.
  • Width and length – It can handle pouches up to 240mm in width and 50mm in length.
  • Maintenance – Its changeovers are hassle-free. It is also made of stainless steel, which is easy to maintain.

Get the best from reliable suppliers.

In hiring a seller, you must also consider having a relationship with them. This is crucial especially if your manufacturing business is just relatively new.

During your usage, you may have to ask other questions, excluding technicalities. You may want to increase the PPM. However, you don’t want to buy a new pouch filling equipment Australia offers. There is information in the machine’s technical writing or manual—but that won’t suffice.

You need someone to interpret technical information correctly. For that reason, you should invest in establishing a relationship with your supplier. Sometimes, they can give you free advice. They can even educate you about the latest innovations. This is already valuable, especially to those who are just starting.

Therefore, if you’re trying to find sellers, don’t forget to befriend them.

Are you looking for sellers?

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